Creative Assembly takes us back to the Nostromo

Anyone else excited / intrigued by the Alien Isolation game by Creative Assembly? Please note: this has NOTHING and absolutely zero percent to do with Aliens: Colonial Marines: 

I’d say it has the vibes / horror environments of Dead Space series as well as the more-recent FPS horrors like Outlast and Slender and like those titles, (minus Dead Space), the game is totally lacking your typical run-and-gun shooting gameplay… which is never a bad thing, ever! Gamers are just too stubborn to play such games which ends up in lackluster sales for the game in the end.

Personally, I think this games concept is a great one- but here’s hoping that Creative Assembly can deliver the horror most famously depicted in the Alien film franchise. It might be a bit unsettling having such a new Alien game so soon after Colonial Marines because in the end, if not marketed correctly, I think misconception will ultimately determine whether this game succeeds or not. Fingers crossed and all the best to the team- from what I’ve seen in the extended gameplay clip (below) it does certainly look off-the-wall-batshit-insane. This scene still gets me from the Original – every time! (Go to 1:33)


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