E3 2014: Nintendo, You’re Invited!

e3 2014

Game Informer recently released a list of upcoming AAA titles to be expected on the Wii U throughout the remainder of the 2014. This list highlights really-only four games worth speaking about whereas if you look at other consoles, it’s almost not even comparable when you include the ‘multi platform’ games. Dear Nintendo. You’re invited to E3 2014!! Why? Because we as gamers deserve to know in an official presentation to the world that everything is going to be okay. I bought my Wii U back on November 18, 2012 with high hopes that you were aiming to impress. But unfortunately here we are, a long time and faithful Nintendo fan pleading for more. Give us something this year to look forward to other than the past years of waiting for the next Mario Kart entry or Smash bros iteration. I want to be able to recommend this console to my friends but you make it so hard when the last game I’ve downloaded was a GameBoy Advanced title. Here’s what I would like to see happen at this years E3 providing you, Nintendo, can deliver:

Let’s go Retro.

You want it. I want it. We all want it… An HD iteration of the acclaimed Metroid series from Retro Studios. I want it so bad I’ve downloaded almost each classic Metroid game in attempt to fill this void within my body. Hell- I even created the Wii U Box Art already for Nintendo. 😛 But to no avail, it’s 2014 and we haven’t but a whisper from Retro, nor Nintendo on the matter and frankly I am concerned yet eagerly optimistic that we’ll see something at E3 2014 this year. I mean come-on! Samus is and always will be present in the Super Smash Bros series so Nintendo couldn’t have forgotten about her- could they?

The Wii U is desperately struggling to stay afloat in my eyes as I literally can count the amount of amazing games I have on two hands. Albeit 50% of them are Mario based and another 25% are classic downloadable games from the Virtual Console… Colour me impressed however that in 2014 I can still play the classics but I need MOAR Nintendo, and that “MOAR” looks something like this concept art from frigging 2007… MAKE IT HAPPEN ALREADY! My body is ready.

wiiumetroidDear Zelda, Where art thou?

I really hope that Hyrule Warriors isn’t going to be Nintendo’s excuse for what we saw back at E3 2011. There’s just no way…The last time we saw Link on the ‘big screen’ was when Skyward Sword was also released back in 2011. Since then an awesome 3DS game, A Link Between Worlds got released and I enjoyed every moment of it. We’ll also get to enjoy the characters of the Zelda series as soon as Smash Bros launches, but until that time, I still crave more from Nintendo and here’s hoping they will deliver at E3 2014.

What do you think Nintendo will reveal about the next entry in the Zelda series? If they can truly deliver on what was present at E3 ’11, you can be sure I’ll be first in line when it gets released. I could only imagine an open-world type adventure, along the lines of Skyrim and Dark Souls (fingers crossed) XD- but regardless, being a Nintendo game we all can be assured that it’s one made of quality.


Calling all Third Parties.

At this point in time if you were to ask me what third party games exist on a Wii U console- I’d say Batman and Assassins Creed because that’s pretty much it currently… We got a nice reiteration of Resident Evil Revelations from Capcom- but ultimately the Wii U seems to scare away third parties rather than attract them. EA being the worst of them all (not their games, but their business practices) bashing Nintendo left-right as well as up and down. Even if EA apologizes, it’s not the first time someone from their company has done this which has me personally feeling that overall, EA is not really buying into what Nintendo is selling. Ubisoft on the other hand has seemed to embrace the Wii U and luckily we’ll get to see the next-gen title of Watch Dogs appear on the console, albeit released a bit later than other consoles.3rd

I once read a comment that said “why would you buy a Wii U for an EA game anyways” and to that I say because even after 2 years of the console’s release- I’ll take anything I can get at this point. That’s how desperate we are for games as Wii U owners and yes, we are aware that Nintendo doesn’t pride themselves in 3rd parties (hence buying Sony + Microsoft consoles in leu of this) but if you’re a business that is taking majority over software releases, you better damn well deliver on a more frequent basis. I cringed when I downloaded A Link to the Past but only because I’m regretting the “Oh, what games do you have for Wii U?” conversation. I truly want this console to succeed but if we have nothing to show for it- there’s not much we can do. Fortunately Mario Kart 8 is finally arriving on May 30 in North America which has spiked my interests again in Nintendo but ultimately we have nothing but GBA downloads and NES classics until Smash Bros comes out late Winter of this year.


Aside from the known titles that we are expecting post E3 (Smash Bros) what do you think Nintendo is going to be able to deliver at E3 this year assuming that they will be attending? Or do you think they will go the route of the Nintendo Direct method and separate themselves from the competition once again? Can Nintendo ever truly rid this buyers remorse I feel for the Wii U right now? Thoughts and comments appreciated below! 🙂 “Is it me or is it Wii U?”


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