Game of Thrones: ‘Breaker of Chains’ Review

Mikey (Dis)likes It

We Are Meereenese If You Please


Breaker of Chains picked up right where we left off after the Purple Wedding and it did not disappoint. Usually after a big event in this show, the following episode always seems to slow things down. In this case, however, this episode was full of great moments, especially the big reveal in the opening 5 minutes of the show, more on that in a bit. Oh, and we already have a new king… who is TWELVE!!!

My only very big complaint about this season so far is with this new Daario guy. He is just terrible, he has NO charisma and he is like the EXACT opposite of last season. It’s just so bizarre that the writers didn’t cast a guy that acted and looked more similar to Ed Skrein’s Daario character from last season. I’m sure I will eventually get used to it…

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