Tell us more please: Games of E3 2014 Part 1

It’s that time of year again folks and E3 is just under 30 days away from melting our faces off. Until that time; the glorious time when game developers of old and new disclose their gaming secrets for the upcoming months and years to come we can only speculate at what we’re about to behold. With next-gen announcements out of the way, let’s welcome in a new E3- one full of software announcements and gameplay demos to compliment this next-generation of gaming hardware! With this in mind, here are a few games that I’m stoked to hear more about once June rolls around the corner and E3 2014 kicks off in Los Angeles!


Dying Light

If you’re like me, you’ve picked up Dead Island, the first-person zombie killa from Techland back in 2011. Whether you enjoyed this zombie adventure is completely up to yourself- Albeit we were all a bit mislead with their original announcement trailer, the game didn’t quite own what it was and we were left all a bit discouraged. That’s not to say that fun was not had. Not at all! I quite enjoyed myself minus the games flaws. Here we are, in 2014 awaiting more information on Techlands new, more developed and exciting venture, Dying Light:

I was quite impressed with their original announcement trailer for Dying Light, and it definitely raised the hyper meter in my skull. I did however feel like I’ve been here before. A great trailer was what we saw. A bug-wrenched game is what we got in terms of Dead Island. Perhaps I didn’t stick around long enough for a software update, but regardless there was still something missing from the game that was suppose to entice me to keep coming back. But wait! Look here! We’ve even been able to have a glance at Dying Lights gameplay and so-far-as-I-can-tell: Colour me impressed and excited!!

By far- this game looks like it’s taking a U-Turn on the first-person zombie shooter. Everything from introducing parkour into the gameplay mechanics, as well as a fairly comprehensive night/day cycle that changes the gameplay entirely and has me completely stoked to see moar!

The Dying Light development team has also recently come out and said that they are delaying the games release until 2015, but for completely, 110% validated reasons:

“This quality-focused thinking underlines all our development choices and we hope you share our belief that the gameplay must always come first.”

I commend thee Techland. Honestly! Take all the time that you need to deliver us a balls-to-the-wall open world first-person, action survival horror game that we all deserve! But seriously, show us what you’re up to at E3 2014 this year and we’ll be all good. We’re dying to know! 😉

Star Wars Battlefront

A game that’s been in development-limbo for quite some time finally (?thanks to Disney?) acquired a new studio who just so happens to develop the Battlefield series… My body is ready Dice + EA:

I personally just hope there is space-to-planet combat that’s been teased over the recent years. It was such a cool gameplay mechanic that was displayed from the previous developer and I feel it would only enhance the Battlefront series that much further. Like holy crap- DICE is behind this now! It’s going to be fantastic regardless and I’m itching to learn more! Turns out we’re expected to learn (and hopefully see more) at E3 2014 this summer! Can’t wait to get Frostbite on Hoth 😛

The Legend of Zelda HD? (err something…)

With Nintendo’s recent investors meeting on May 8, it’s not looking like Nintendo is raking in the gold coins as they’ve been so a custom to in the past. Time to step it up Nintendo and here’s what I’m looking for… Remember that thing you showed us, what, two years ago now? Well it’s time to deliver, and what I’m talking about (if you don’t already know) is a Wii U iteration of The Legend of Zelda series.

We all know you’re capable of doing it Nintendo, so let’s see what you’ve been up to over the past two years, and don’t even think about given me another HD remake of a past Zelda title. I enjoyed the recent few, and had a great time! But now we require something ‘original’ in a sense that you need to give us something new to do with Link on the Wii U. Everyday I look at my Wii U and say “Shh… it will be okay soon. You’ll be used in no time.” and it breaks my heart. I want to love the Wii U so bad, but you make it difficult Nintendo when we get so few titles to play. Here’s to 2014 Nintendo! Come to E3 and show us what you have hidden up your sleeves and give us a reason to own a Wii U other than being a portable Netflix.

Batman Arkham Knight

Rocksteady is back at the helm with the direct sequel to 2011’s Batman: Arkham City, respectfully titled Batman: Arkham Knight. We’ve all been treated to pretty much the best news ever (Rocksteady being back in black) but to top it all off, this final entry in the Arkham series will be the reason I finally purchase a PS4! Hands-down! This series came out of nowhere and with every entry (plus or minus Origins) I’ve been blown away and immersed in one of my favourite comic series of all time. With the cinematic trailer that was released a couple months ago, Rocksteady has got my attention and I am eagerly awaiting gameplay footage at E3! Words cannot express my excitement for this game let alone the idea that we get to drive the batmobile finally!!

Cyberpunk 2077

Just. Need. To. Know. Moar!

From the team that is behind The Witcher series, this cinematic trailer we saw at last years E3 as definitely got me interested in learning more. in Cyberpunk 2077. The atmosphere, the characters, the soundtrack- everything about this has got my attention and hopefully CD Projekt RED will be able to give us a taste of what to expect in terms of actual gameplay this summer.

Oh and I’ll just post this here since this news about Pokemon Ruby / Saphire remakes being redone a-la X / Y style has me beyond nerding out!!!


What are you excited to see / hear about at E3 2014 this year? Thoughts and comments below! Part 2 to follow next week!


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